Meeting an increasingly diverse array of people?

Every person you meet is truly unique. Their perceptions, characteristics, values, etiquette, and attitudes are significantly shaped by their “personal code” which is a combination of their “native” culture, “native” generation, and style of personality.

As we grew up in our “native” culture, most of us were not prepared to be highly successful in today’s multicultural and multigenerational business world. In today’s highly competitive business world, you need to have more than “competitive edges” to be as successful as possible – you need “competitive superiority”.

In today’s business and social environments, it has become important to understand the wide variety of people we meet from different cultures and different generations as well as their personality since all three personal dimensions make them “who they are”.

My consulting, training, and keynote speaking are enhanced continually to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date cross-cultural, cross-generational., and cross-personality interpersonal and business skills.

Presentations are customized to meet the specific requirements of clients experiencing cross-cultural and/or cross-generational challenges so they can become as successful as possible in light of the huge cultural demographic changes taking place and the challenges of interacting with people from the four very different generations.

We also provide consulting and “information-rich” Cultural Profiles of 65 countries to empower clients to become experts in socially interacting and/or doing business with individuals from specific countries which they are finding particularly difficult and challenging.

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The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’ seminar “Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and positive feedback from our members.
Cyndi Amodeo, Manager of Professional Development and EventsThe Oakville, Miton and District Real Estate Board