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Cultural and Generational Relationships

Different Cultures In life developing a successful relationship with individuals from countries with cultures different than your own can be very important to your success. It can also be very challenging. The only way to develop a successful relationship with

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Connecting with Different Generations

Connecting with people from a different generation than your  generation can be important for you since you want to achieve a solid relationship with them. This can be difficult to do since each generation has a very different generational culture.

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Cultural Competency Training and Customer Service

Significant customer service “competitive advantages” in the marketplace exist for Customer Service managers who embrace cultural awareness training for themselves and their staff. Many Customer Service managers and their staff in American and Canada are currently experiencing multi-cultural challenges they

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Building a Relationships with Different Generations

Each generation has very different characteristics and values which result in unique emotions and behaviours. To develop a successful and lasting relationship with people from the different generations, a lawyer needs to know how the generations differ, why they differ,

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Understanding Builds Trust

When interacting with individuals form different cultures than yours, people tend to highly underestimate how much differently these individuals from a different culture “see things” differently. This is a big mistake. It is often the main reason you experience cross-cultural

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Selling to Different Personalities

Sales professionals are increasingly being challenged by the wide variety of individuals they are encountering having different personality styles. One of the most important “competitive edges” a sales professional can develop in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to become significantly more

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