Cross-Cultural Management

The increasing diversity at work has changed the landscape of the workplace significantly. Cross-cultural management insights and skills have become important new competencies to management professionals.

Since many managers have not had cross-cultural management training, they find that managing employees from different cultures can be challenging since different cultures have very different management styles and employee expectations.

To manage someone, you need to understand them and their culture.  Otherwise you are trying to manage them “cross-culturally blind”.   Employees from different cultures have their own set of unique values, beliefs, and expectations of what is a “good manager”. 

When they see that you as a manager understand their culture and are managing them accordingly, they will tend to respect you more as a manager. 

My management diversity training will significantly increase your understanding of a culturally-different employee and how to be more successful at cross-cultural management and multicultural team building.  

My diversity at work training addresses key cross-cultural management areas such as what a specific culture values in a “good manager” and how that is different than what is seen as “good management” in your culture. 

For a complimentary discussion on how I might assist you on becoming significantly more successful at cross-cultural management, please go to the Contact Bill tab of this website or call me at 905-599-6365.

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The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’ seminar “Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and positive feedback from our members.
Cyndi Amodeo, Manager of Professional Development and EventsThe Oakville, Miton and District Real Estate Board