Different Cultures and Personalities Selling

Sales professionals are increasingly being challenged by the wide variety of individuals they are encountering from different cultures, generations, and having different personality styles.

One of the most important “competitive edges” a sales professional can develop in today’s highly competitive marketplace is to become significantly more aware, sensitive, and knowledgeable about the various cultures of the world and the four types of personality styles.

Understanding and being skilled at interacting with individuals from different cultures and having different personality styles is essential in winning profitable business. After all, people typically buy from sales professionals who understand them!

Here are some key points to keep in mind:


There are nine dimensions to culture. Each culture in the world is a certain combination of these dimensions.

An individual’s culture is a very powerful force that has shaped them.

Every individual is strongly “culturally conditioned”.

A person’s culture is the system they use to live their lives. It is their “inherited way of life”.

When meeting someone from a different culture than yours, it is essential that you be “culturally appropriate” with them. Be careful. What is “culturally appropriate” in your culture might be unimportant, or even offensive, to someone from a different culture.

A “Cultural Profile” is a new and very powerful sales tool.

You must be patient in earning the trust of people from the majority of the countries of the world. For example, North Americans have a culture that fosters trusting someone new much faster than individuals from most other cultures in the world.

Investing the time to earn the trust of most newcomers to Canada is worth it. They typically are very loyal customers/clients and provide you excellent referrals.


Each generation has been impacted by life-shaping events – shaping them especially when they were an adolescent.

Traditionalists tend to be:



Advocates of “Fair Play”

Baby Boomers tend to be:

Driven to Succeed

Hard Workers

Team Players

Generation “X” tend to be:




Generation “Y” tend to be:

Sensitive to being Respected


Driven by Challenges and Change

Personality Styles

Psychologists have determined there are four types (i.e. styles) of personalities and each person has a dominant personality.

Many people have two or three personality styles but there is only one style that is dominant.

Each type of personality has a preferred way they want you communicate with them.

The four personality styles:


A “Driver” is a control person.

They are interested in the “bottom line”.


An “Expressive” is a social person.

They want to be interactive and appreciated.


An “Analytical” is a technical person.

They want details and logic.


An Amiable is a supportive person.

They are relationship people.



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