Different Cultures and Business Growth

Increasingly companies are including in their business growth strategies a marketing plan focused on the multicultural market since this market segment is now so large in the USA and Canada.

The multicultural market in the USA is a $3.4 trillion market and it is a $1.0 billion market in Canada and growing quickly in both countries.

Unfortunately companies often do not recognize that having a good multicultural marketing plan is not enough to be successful.   

What is lacking is companies providing members of their salesforce and/or distribution channel cultural sensitivity training focused on selling to people from different cultures.  

Without cultural sensitivity training focused on selling, it is highly likely that a sales person will try to sell to culturally-different prospects in the only way they know how – namely how to sell to people in the sales person’s own culture.

Selling to people from different cultures requires understanding the culture of prospects from a specific culture and the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of that culturally-different prospect. Without multicultural sales training, the sales person is selling “culturally blind” and unknowingly can be culturally offensive.

What is culturally appropriate in the sales person’s culture can be seen as overly aggressive, rude, or offensive in other ways to people from different cultures. As a result they do not feel comfortable buying from a culturally offensive sales person.

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