Different Cultures and Selling

Is the success of your sales career limited because you lack the specialized skills of selling to prospects from different cultures? That loss of business can be very costly for you!

Today’s multicultural market is now too large for sales professionals to ignore.  A business growth strategy of selling to different cultures has become increasingly essential to a sales person’s success.

To successfully sell to a culturally-different prospect, you need to understand them. Prospects from different cultures feel most comfortable buying from a sales person who knows the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of their culture. I call this a prospect’s “cultural comfort zone”.

Unfortunately most sales people do not understand the culture of prospect from different cultures. As a result, they do not understand a culturally-different prospect’s “cultural comfort zone”. The only culture and “culture comfort zone” they really understand is their own culture. As a result, the sales person is trying to sell to culturally-different prospects but they are unknowingly selling “cross-culturally blind”. 

They do not know the very important “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of selling to culturally-different prospects from a specific culture.

As a result, they automatically try to sell to prospects from different cultures pretty much like they sell to prospects from their own culture. Prospects from different cultures increasingly “drift away”since they do not feel the sales person can relate to them.

It is not unusual for clients to tell me “they didn’t know what they didn’t know” about selling to different cultures.

Cultural competency training in very important for sales people to receive. Learning about key intercultural sales areas such as understanding different cultures; cultural differences between your culture and one or more specific cultures you find challenging to sell; the “cultural comfort zone” of culturally-different prospects; adapting to different cultures; connecting with people from different cultures; how to gain their respect and trust; successful intercultural communications; and how to haggle are very important to know in today’s multicultural market. It is not only very large market, it also growing very quickly.  

Few sales people have received cultural sensitivity training focus on selling. I can ensure you that I can assist you stand out as a multicultural sales professional and gain valuable cross-cultural “competitive edges” when selling to different cultures. 

It would be a pleasure to help you become as successful as possible winning business in the multicultural market.

For a complimentary discussion on how my customized training can help you become significantly more successful selling to prospects from different cultures, please go to the Contact Bill tab of this website or call me at 905-599-6365.

I’ll do my best to respond to you before the end of the business day.

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