Doing Business Successfully with Different Cultures

Understanding how to adapt to cross cultural differences about how to do business is important to winning business or maintains business relationships with individuals from different cultures.

Our cultural competency training focused on intercultural business skills will provide you with the valuable insights and cross-cultural business skills you need. 

Whatever your cultural background, if you do not understand a prospect’s cultural “way of doing business”, you will tend to automatically try to do business “your way”- namely the way that business is conducted in your culture since that is the only culture you really understand.

That lack of cultural sensitivity to business differences of a foreign country can lose you business.  You will wonder why the business opportunity seemed to drift away.

In effect, you are trying to sell to a culturally-different person but you are doing so “culturally blind”.  They are usually very sensitive to your lack of interest or understanding about their culture’s “ways of doing business”.

That can result in you being seen by the culturally-different prospect as you being culturally insensitive or offensive in a number of ways. They will probably see you as not caring very much about understanding them or respecting their culture. As a result, they likely will decide you cannot relate to them and they cannot relate to you. You do not win their trust. 

For example, the Asian cultures perceive that process of properly doing business as very important. The process is as, if not more important than, the business opportunity. In contrast, Americans and Canadians tend to be much more task oriented. They are typically more interested in getting on with obtaining the business and have less patience with process issues. 

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The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’ seminar “Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and positive feedback from our members.
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