Providing Excellent Customer Service to Different Cultures

Most leading organizations realize that providing excellent customer service is a critical pillar of their success. 

However, they often do not realize that providing an excellent “customer experience” to culturally-different individuals typically needs to be significantly different than providing an excellent “customer experience” to mainstream Americans and Canadians.

Individuals who are culturally-different countries “see things” and interpret things very differently than mainstream Canadians and Americans.  Communicating with a customer service representative from a different culture can result in them feeling the customer care representative was not culturally sympathetic or empathetic.

That is  a customer service risk you likely want to avoid. They might go to your company’s website and write a complaint or, indeed, use social media to “go viral” about the your culturally insensitive customer service.

With the multicultural population now large in the USA and Canada and an increasing number of companies involved in international trade, providing you customer service representatives customized cultural sensitivity training can be a rewarding training investment.

Bill’s commitment is to provide the highest level of intercultural understanding, insights, and information to clients.  

Depending on their cultural background, your customers from different countries have a different thinking style, expectations, behavior preferences, values, and beliefs.  They also have a different evaluation process and a different decision making process than mainstream Canadians or Americans.

Culturally-different prospects and customers will appreciate speaking with a customer service representative who demonstrates that they are cross-cultural sensitivity.

Not only are people from different cultures typically highly loyal customers, they are also a great source of referrals. 

We enhance the value of this seminar by incorporating  in the seminar the highly regarded Cultural Comparison Tool that has been used by 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. This intercultural tool enables clients to see where they will have significant cultural gaps with individuals from one/more specific countries and recommends the adaptive behaviors they should use.

Complimentary Post-Training Support 

For our clients who have asked us for a customized seminar, we provide complimentary post-training support to make sure they achieve the highest possible ROI from their investment in cross-cultural training from our company. Specifically: Implementation Coaching; Monthly Cultural Events Report; and Cultural Profiles.

For a complimentary discussion on how I might assist you, please go to the Contact Bill tab of this website; or send me an e-mail at; or call me at 905-599-6365 (if unavailable, please leave a voice mail message).

I’ll do my best to respond to you before the end of the business day.

Thank you,



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The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’ seminar “Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and positive feedback from our members.
Cyndi Amodeo, Manager of Professional Development and EventsThe Oakville, Miton and District Real Estate Board