Understanding People of Different Cultures and Overcoming Cultural Gaps and Barriers

The key to being as successful as possible connecting and developing a relationship with someone from a different culture is to understand the important areas of their culture and how to align your interaction with them according to the preferences and biases of their culture.

If you do not understand their culture and you lack important cultural sensitivity skills about their culture, you will try to develop a relationship with them according what is “culturally appropriate” in your own culture. A culturally-different individual will often see this as you not respecting their culture and wanting to do things “your way”. This can easily result in you unintentionally triggering one or more cross-cultural barriers with them.

Our cultural sensitivity seminar will include a Your Cultural Profile Report and Your Cultural Gaps and Barriers Report identifying the cross-cultural gaps and barriers you have with people in/from up to 100 countries and outlines how you can overcome the specific cultural gaps and barriers you have with them.

Complimentary Post-Training Support

We provide our customized seminar clients three types of complimentary post-training support to make sure they achieve the highest possible ROI from their cross cultural training investment from us – Implementation Coaching; Monthly Cultural Events Report; and Cultural Profiles.

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The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board highly recommends Bill Dennis’ seminar “Negotiating & Selling to Different Cultures & Generations” because of the very enthusiastic and positive feedback from our members.
Cyndi Amodeo, Manager of Professional Development and EventsThe Oakville, Miton and District Real Estate Board